Neurodegeneration Informatics Laboratory

Philine schirge

VisitorVisiting PhD student

I am a PhD candidate and medical student. My main PhD project specializes in radiology and neurodegenerative diseases, with a focus on Alzheimer’s disease. My research centers on investigating the correlation between the blood-brain barrier and reactive astrocytes. I utilize advanced MRI and PET scan techniques to explore these connections and their location in the brain in detail. Additionally, I delve into the glymphatic system’s role in neurodegenerative diseases in general, aiming to uncover vital insights into waste management in the brain. The aim is to improve diagnosis and prognosis of Alzheimer’s disease and a better understanding of the causes of disease progression in rarer forms of dementia too. Outside of my studies, I enjoy learning French, pursuing my passion for painting, and exploring the underwater world through scuba diving.

Philine schirge's papers